LD Systems CURV 500 Series now shipping

The German brand LD Systems has obviously met with the demand for ultra-compact and portable array system with perfect timing, because already pre-orders are exceeding all expectations. The CURV 500® Series is now available – and it has been also already been met with awards.

LD-Systems_CURV-500 Adam Hall

The German Design Council has awarded the CURV 500® System for it’s overall concept at “German Design Award 2016”. This competition places high demands on its award winners. Due to its unique nomination process, innovative products and projects are evaluated, ones that are leading the way in the German and international design landscape.

In the Jury’s assessment by Cees de Bont, Deborah Dawton and Moni Wolf, they said: “The portable speaker system CURV 500® is characterized by an integrated mixer and wireless plug and play connections for the satellites. The design of the lightweight subwoofer provides ergonomic comfort, the design language communicates lightness and ease of use. Technically, the compact line array provides innovative sound and professional configuration options for different applications. “

The German Design Award is known for its strict criteria and the high standards of the products which are selected by a jury. One can not apply for the German Design Award, but instead you are nominated by an expert panel.

LD-Systems_CURV-500 Adam Hall

The CURV 500 is a completely scalable system. The speaker columns can be equipped with up to four modular, curve-aligned array satellites. The result is an extremely clear, three-dimensional sound – similar to the sound of the big line arrays. The system can also be configured for various fields of application: from solo appearance at a small party, up to sound for small halls. There are a range of accessories available for the system, including wall and ceiling mounting systems, with which the satellite can be installed in a variety of positions, where good sound and discreet appearance is required. For even more power, the system can be used in stereo mode with eight array satellites operating (max. Four per side).

LD-Systems_CURV-500 Adam Hall

High-quality materials are used in its construction, as well as black and white housing to meet the aesthetic requirements of many users and architects.

The system is based on the SMARTLINK® adapter. On this basis, up to four satellite speakers plug together with a click mechanism, effortlessly attaching to one another. Via the adapter, the connection is made to the subwoofer, which serves as a control unit for the system. The sub woofer is both a classic and digital mixer. The 4-channel mixer can be used for instruments, microphones, as well as laptops. Integrated Bluetooth® technology enables wireless data transfer. And with the 24-bit processor, 16 digital sound effects can be adjusted within seconds.

Even a single, 12 x 12 cm large array satellite achieves great results. This is guaranteed by the LD System’s specially developed WaveAhead® technology. Three tweeters are vertically arranged against a powerful bass-midrange speaker, to perfectly combine the sound and distribute accordingly.

Info: www.adamhall.com

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