Chauvet Ovation takes WFX honours

Having the Ovation ED-190WW honoured with two awards at the WFX Conference and Exhibition was especially gratifying for the Chauvet Professional team. The church lighting designers and technicians who attended the annual conference were two of the main groups that motivated the company to develop this breakthrough fixture, which won the 2015 WFX Best Lighting Product Award as well as the Best LED Product Award.

The dual honours were in recognition of the impact that the LED ellipsoidal, which was introduced earlier this year, is having on church lighting. Unlike typical LED fixtures, which operate and dim only on a constant power and DMX source, the Ovation ED-190WW also works smoothly and efficiently with conventional direct power dimming sources. This is a unique ability among high-powered LED fixtures, and it allows the Chauvet product to be used with equal results in either an LED rig or a conventional lamp rig, says the company.

The benefit of this flexibility to churches was not lost on Chauvet when the company was looking at developing this type of fixture. “Our team created the Ovation ED-190WW after talking to a lot of churches, theaters, schools and other end users who wanted to add LED fixtures to their rigs but couldn’t afford to invest in revamping their entire dimming system,” said Berenice Chauvet, vice president of Chauvet. “We wanted to offer these customers a solution by providing them with a fixture that could run on direct power or constant power and DMX.”

Offering the same high output and performance of the original Ovation E-190WW, which itself won a WFX Award for Best LED Product in 2013, the new ED-190WW has been widely embraced by churches. “The response to this fixture has been very gratifying,” said Chauvet. “What makes it especially nice to win this award is that the Ovation ED-190WW was created partly as a result of listening to the concerns of the very people who attend WFX every year.”


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