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Sub Align is a survival tool for live sound engineers. It lets FOH engineers align sub and top speakers in PA systems where the subs are tied in with the tops and the system processor is inaccessible. By doing so, Sub Align offers a revolutionary solution to a problem live sound engineers struggle with on a daily basis.

The Problem
The physical position of tops and subs and the distance between them are critical for the overall punch and clarity of the PA system. However, most performers and engineers play small and mid-sized venues, where very often the tops and the subs are not properly aligned. In order to clear floor space, the subs are usually stacked at the sides of the venue or all the way in the back, causing the sound to be smeared and unfocused. To make things worse, the system processor is seldom accessible to the live sound engineer, and the P.A. subs are tied in with the tops.

The Solution
Sub Align puts the engineer in charge of the venue’s PA sound with a simple and original solution: by giving you control over the delay between your tops and subs and creating a crossover point between them, it enables you to “move” your subs back or forward in relation to the tops, until you reach the alignment point that sounds best to your ears. No longer do you have to waste precious time fighting unaligned PA systems with EQs and compressors. To achieve extra clarity and punch, Sub Align also gives you control over the subs’ volume and polarity/phase.

Now, with Waves Sub Align, badly aligned PA systems no longer dictate how your mix will sound. Sub Align puts the control in your hands, enabling you to get a clearer, punchier mix, no matter what venue you’re mixing in.

Waves Sub Align features:

– An essential survival tool for live sound engineers
– Full control over your sub and top alignment
– Adds punch and clarity
– Quick and easy to use
– Dramatically improves your live sound

Sub Align is included in the following Waves bundles: Mercury and Pro Show.
To learn more: http://www.waves.com/plugins/sub-align.
Video links:

Introducing Waves Sub Align – A Plugin for Live Sound Engineers:
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Info: www.waves.com

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