Eurolite SL-350 – A Small Spot with Great Power

At first glance, the Eurolite SL-350 might seem like a small follow-spot, but once powered on, the operator will be presented with an unexpected level of brightness for a fixture of this size.

Eurolite SL-350 Steinigke

The 350-watt LED of the SL-350 generates such luminosity that it can happily compete with discharge 575 watt discharge lamps – even at distances of up to 40 meters. The brightness even surpasses that of a 1000 watt halogen lamp.

This is all the more surprising when one considers the size of the fixture, at only 60 x 27 x 30 cm and a weight of just 10 kg, it is one of the lightest in its field.

The spot has a beam angle of 10 °. With the step-less iris, the beam can be reduced to 5% of the original size. A CTO colour wheel ensures that the cold white light is heated to 6500, 4500 or 3200 Kelvin. Five different colour filters are available via push buttons. There are also sliders giving excellent control over dimming and strobe effects.

Eurolite SL-350 Steinigke

The Eurolite SL-350 sets right light for music duo “Carolin No”

Even after long hours of operation, the fan remains quiet, making the fixture suitable not only for concerts, but also for theatre or gala use. The SL-350 is even perfectly suited to smaller stages, due to its small size.


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