Spotlight @ LDI 2015

Spotlight made a USA debut with their new line of 450W LED DMX lights, the latest members in the GreenLine family, already presented last month at PLASA in London. In the wake of existing products Spotlight now offers fixtures with 450W power, beside Fresnel, PC, Framing, Beamlight, Cyclorama and Follow Spot lights, completing the range of outputs that are going to this date from 3W to 50W for the architectural fixtures and up to 450W for the stage line products. As usual you can choose between different versions from Warm to Cool and Tunable White or RGBW, with manual and DMX control.

A unique feature is the modularity and ease of replacement of the  interchangeable and multi-purpose optical units for profile spots with different apertures and followspots.


Noteworthy is also the CycloramaLED 300W RGBW DMX, which is proving a great success especially in the US market and the range “UD” (Universal dimming) with manual control, DMX and dimmable mains.

Spotlight, acting as Spotlight-America, has recently decided to change the distribution for the US market, relying on a good structured network, with a widespread coverage, working for many years on the market.

Not very close to the stand of the Italian company, we also got to see the consoles Cognito2 and Choreo, a brand recently included in the product range distributed by Spotlight. A compact console, powerful and set on ease of use.


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