LDI 2015 – High End Systems

A company that focusses entirely on LED based fixtures, High End Systems have several new releases for LDI 2015.

High End Systems SoloSpot Pro 2000 LDI 2015

The main focus of their stand is the SolaSpotPro 2000, a high-power LED fixture that features two rotating Gobo wheels, 2 fully retractable Animation wheels, 2 rotating Prisms, an Iris, a fixed colour wheel and a CMY + CTO system. It features specially designed long throw optics, allowing sharp focus to be achieved throughout the entirety of the 8 to 45 degree zoom range.

Another interesting consideration that has been taken with the fixtures is a heating element that dissipates any build up of haze within the fixture and on the optics. This is a problem that does not occur with HID based fixtures due to the heat that is generated, however this is an interesting and important factor that may often be overlooked with the movement from lamp-based to LED-based technology.

Info: www.highend.com

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