LDI 2015 – Chauvet

A large booth here at LDI 2015 from Chauvet Professional, with several new products being released.


Firstly, we have the STRIKE 4, an LED alternative to traditional four-cell blinder fixtures. Consisting of four independently focusable 100W COB LEDs, the STRIKE 4 features 16-bit dimming control and dimming personalities to match the appearance and fade patterns of traditional incandescent-style fixtures.

Also on display is the recently released Ovation E-910FC, an ERS style fixture with full colour mixing. The fixture features complete control of all the colour elements, in RGBA and also lime. The addition of the lime colour gives the ability to be able to recreate really natural colour tones, and also gives the impression of increased brightness, due to lime being the area of the colour spectrum that the human eye is most responsive to. Like the STRIKE 4, it features controllable dimming curves to emulate traditional fixtures, and has temperature control from 2800 to 6500 K to match a tungsten source.

Finally, we have the WELL Fit, a discrete wireless LED Uplighter that can be controlled by either Wireless DMX or via an included IR Remote.

Info: www.chauvetlighting.com

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