LDI 2015 – Martin by Harman

A very exciting new release from Martin by Harman, with an LED version of their legendary Atomic 3000 Strobe.

Martin Atomic 3000 LED Strobe ZioGiorgio LDI

The Martin Atomic 3000 LED Strobe is not just a strobe, but also becomes a creative tool,the incorporated backlight illumination, with RGB-controlled LEDs that point back towards the reflector. This enables the unit to become an “eye-candy” effect, as well as a powerful strobe.

These units really pack a punch, and we were even provided with a special pair of glasses so that we could safely look directly at them during the demonstration, as well as a “big red button”. Just the release that this light deserves!

Martin Atomic Strobe 3000 LED Strobe LDI ZioGiorgio

Info: www.martin.com

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