Pino Quini as the lecturer of the workshop ‘Television Photography’ to be held at D.T.S.

The renowned Festival of San Remo and the most successful television shows – have one thing in common: the extra something that gives a flawless and elegant photography to television, one that transforms a show in one visual feast.

But behind the best TV photography there’s an intelligent work of balance between the different needs of the Director, Set designer, Art director, and the various lighting technologies that innovation makes available. There is, in short, the thirty-year veteran of television photography, one of the RAI TV symbols: cinematographer Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Quini.

D.T.S. It is honored to announce that Pino Quini will be the lecturer of the workshop of professional specialization in ‘ Television Photography’, to be held at the D.T.S. headquarters next 10 and 11 November. The workshop, organized by the ‘Accademia Internazionale della Luce’ in partnership with D.T.S., will cover a number of interesting topics, ranging from the evolution of TV from birth to the Internet age to the role of Director of Photography working in a team; from the use of various technologies to the differences between photographic technique in theatre, cinema and television; as well as practical tests.


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