Sensaphonics AU established in Melbourne

Sensaphonics, the technology and hearing wellness specialist in personal monitoring, has announced the opening of its new Australian location, Sensaphonics AU in Melbourne. The new facility comprises corporate offices and a manufacturing lab, and is headed by managing director Ryota Tanaka. Operating under the brand philosophy of ‘Softer & Safer’, Sensaphonics AU is an independent organization, operating as a fully accredited affiliate of Sensaphonics, Inc.

“The music industry is growing very fast in Oceania and Asia right now,” says Ryota Tanaka. “We know from experience that hearing loss will also be a growing problem in this part of the world. We opened this new office and lab to help meet the needs of musicians and music fans, representing the Sensaphonics approach – as the experts in safe sound.”

Originally an employee of Sensaphonics Japan, Tanaka studied acoustics and sound engineering at Columbia College, Chicago. He then gained further knowledge in audiology principles and learned silicone manufacturing techniques by training directly at Sensaphonics headquarters in Chicago.

“We are very pleased to have Ryota Tanaka representing the Sensaphonics brand in Australia,” says Dr. Michael Santucci, president of Sensaphonics, Inc. “He is a very intelligent, passionate student of audio, a music lover, and has direct experience in working with musicians and sound engineers. He fully understands the importance of custom-fit silicone in creating products for musicians, and has learned our manufacturing techniques directly in our lab. Ryota is dedicated to providing both the sound and the safety that musicians need.”

When asked why he decided to start Sensaphonics in Australia, Tanaka said, “I’ve worked with many talented musicians and heard many stories of hearing loss. But with the isolation and comfort of soft silicone, I now that musicians can hear clearly on stage without dangerous volume levels. My primary aim here is to prepare a safe environment for monitoring, and in this way, to protect the future of Australian music!”

Sensaphonics AU offers both in-ear monitors and musicians’ earplugs, all custom-fit in medical-grade soft silicone. They are located at 365 Little Collins Street in Melbourne, Victoria, just minutes away from Flinders Street Station.


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