ETC debuts ColorSource Relay control system

As venues like theatres, schools and community centres upgrade their lighting rigs with LED technology, their power control technology needs to be upgraded as well. With a simple configuration and dependable wireless performance, the ColorSource Relay power control system is a budget friendly solution for data distribution and system infrastructure, particularly for smaller sized venues.

Working in conjunction with the ColorSource Relay, the ColorSource Transmitter connects to a wired DMX source – like a lighting desk – and transmits DMX and data signals wirelessly to any ColorSource Relay within a 100 metre range and supports up to 16 amps of power.

The problem solving ColorSource Relay makes it easy to get DMX and power into remote and hard-to-reach locations, without having to run cords everywhere.

And the ColorSource Relay is not just for LEDs. Combined with the ColorSource Transmitter, you can use any DMX/RDM-compatible device to create a completely wireless theatrical rig. Combining it with ColorSource PAR and Spot luminaires creates an affordable lighting system for any venue. The Relay also comes in a wired version that can work on a wired rig or act as an extension of the wireless ColorSource Relay when you need more DMX and power on a single line set.

“This is a game changer in the world of lighting,” says ETC entertainment market manager Matt Armendariz-Kerr. “The ColorSource Relay solves issues that haven’t really been tackled in the professional lighting industry before, and we are pleased to be a small part of the movement that starts that journey forward.”


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