SGM P-5s breathe life into Art Zone at Roskilde

Jakob Kvist, who is behind the light design on Art Zone, was on the lookout for a weatherproof wash light with deep saturated colours and high output for this installation. The SGM P-5 LED wash light met all of his demands.

Roskilde Festival 2015 featured a new edition last year’s successful Art Zone. In an area of approximately 6,400sq.m, located on the left side of the renowned Orange Stage, this year’s Art Zone consisted of some interesting architectural installations that were stunningly lit.

Dutch architect duo, Marco Zolos and Robbert van der Horst, once again carried out the design for Art Zone. The young aspiring Danish lighting designer, Jakob Kvist, subsequently added the powerful lighting expression – “I got contacted by Johan Kjaerulff Rasmussen, responsible for Art Zone, in May. At that time, the building structures and concepts were already at their final design stage. I came in very late in the process, and added lighting in between the spaces and gaps in Marcos and Robbert’s structures.”

The two architects’ conceptual idea behind Art Zone was a theme based on open and enclosed structures. Jakob wanted the light to reflect exactly these to opposites. Using LED light, he therefore designed the light to be welcoming to the guests in the three open structures. “It gave a sense of movement, inviting the guests to fool around and go silly. And it worked.” Jakob states.

Jakob Kvist integrated 18 x SGM P-5 LED wash lights into two of the installations. “I wanted to use the P-5 because of its superior abilities in utilizing a wash light. I wanted a weatherproof high output washlight with deep saturated colours. In that sense, the P-5 is everything you could wish for in a wash light,” he reflects. “I would like to highlight the deep colours of the P-5. They are much richer than your normal RGB fixture. The white LED enables you to make beautiful pastel colours, and the fact that you can daisy chain the fixture, makes setting up and taking it down, very fast and convenient.”

Jakob t underlines that the P-5’s IP65-rating was a crucial feature, when he was selecting lighting fixtures for the Art Zone project. “We didn’t have any problems with them, whatsoever,” he concludes.


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