RAVENNA announces two new partners

On the eve of IBC 2015, ALC NetworX is pleased to announce two new RAVENNA partners; Modulation Index based in California, and 2wcom who operate out of the Schleswig-Holstein region in Germany.

As a company, Modulation Index has an unrivalled history and development experience for streaming audio on the Internet. Under the direction of Greg Ogonowski and Nate Niyomtham, the original developers of Orban Opticodec-PC, Modulation Index is creating the next event for Internet streaming audio. StreamS Audio Encoder, using Fraunhofer AAC, supports new and legacy streaming protocols. StreamS PADbridge, is a complete live metadata management system promoting revenue generation for streaming, FM RDS/RBDS, HD Radio, websites, and digital signage. Modulation Index has teamed up with RAVENNA to provide state-of the-art audio-over-IP connectivity to bridge between in-house program sources and Internet streaming.

German company, 2wcom, has a 15-year proven track record as an established worldwide manufacturer and supplier of professional broadcast products. The company offers complete end-to-end DVB-S/S2 Audio /IP Satellite System solutions including professional encoders, modulators and a highly reliable IRD product range. According to 2wcom founder, Werner Drews, the most significant technology trend of the moment is IP, and the forthcoming IBC show will be the opportunity for 2wcom to showcase their audio-over-IP solutions. “The impact of IP is really the biggest thing now,” he says, “and it’s a trend that’s gathering speed and significance across the board for our industry. After evaluating several different audio-over-IP interoperability standards, we identified RAVENNA as being the market leader in our field. Furthermore, we had a number of requests from our customers asking for RAVENNA compliance in our products, so it was an extremely straightforward decision to become a RAVENNA partner.”

Info: ravenna-network.com

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