Absen X5 Rental Figures Hit 5,000 Units Worldwide

Absen have recently announced that they have reached a milestone with their X5 LED panels, with 5,000 now sold worldwide. This comes less than six months since their first release at ISE2015, from a world leader in the manufacturer of high quality LED displays.

“We are thrilled about the rapid global adoption of the X5 by the rental staging industry,” commented Bluesking Zhao, Global Marketing and Product Promotion Manager at Absen. “Despite a challenging economic climate in China, sales of X5 further boosted our performance this year, and the next six months look very promising.”

Absen X5 5000 Sales

Asia Pacific and Europe were two prominent regions to adopt the cable-less 4K LED solution which is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. While the biggest sale was made in Malaysia with a staggering 500m²the 5.2mm pixel pitch panel was welcomed to much acclaim in many European countries including Germany, France, Spain, Ireland and Luxemburg.

With 560 cabinets sold to date in the Spanish market, Crambo Visuales know a thing or two about the X5. For Estíbaliz Bellón, Product Manager at Crambo, its design has to be praised: “Our customers love the fact that the X5 is very simple to install and maintain. It has front and rear access, a redundant power supply and signal, magnetic front panels and the fact that the screens can be curved +/-10° makes it a great choice for rental stagers in Spain.”

Absen X5 5000 Sales

In France, the X5 and its modularity found home in the rental fleet of leading rental stagers. Amongst them are Alabama who specialise in concerts and festivals, and AMS Evénements, a French service provider in the corporate events sector. “With high profile corporate clients such as Airbus, we can’t afford average quality or downtime, and the X5 quality and accessibility gives us peace of mind,” commented Nicolas Garry, AMS Managing Director. “We were looking for a provider of high quality LED panels at ISE and what we found is a manufacturer that is listening to our needs, available and efficient. The fact that Absen also has a local presence with European headquarters in Germany also helped a lot to make a decision.”

Absen X5 5000 Sales

About the X5 assets, Alabama’s Technical Director Joël May couldn’t agree more: “When looking for the perfect LED panel, there are three things you should be looking for: Pitch, weight and implementation. The X5 ticks all those boxes and more. It is a true outdoor product, with great brightness output performing flawlessly under direct sunlight. Despite a 5mm pitch, it is very light and whether you need a three or 25 metre wide screen, it’s got great definition even from a short distance, making it a great asset for festivals. It is also mechanically very easy to handle: It took us only 45 minutes to build up a 35sqm screen for our last event!

The growing popularity of the Absen X5 comes from its versatility and flexibility, making it suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications such as TV studios, concerts and live shows, conferences and exhibitions. We are proud that this product has built such a strong reputation in such a short period.”

Info: www.absen.com

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