TechRig invests in SGM’s Q-7

As a leading specialist technical solutions agency, TechRig approached SGM’s local distributor S.E.T Africa to expand their rental stock with SGM luminaires. “We were looking for cutting-edge LED solutions, and that’s why we selected the SGM products”, says Director of TechRig, Michael Collyer. He adds: “The Q-7 is a nice small multipurpose unit, which can be used as a colour washing set piece to eye candy extravaganza.”

SGM’s profile matches well with TechRig’s vision. This well-established and experienced company seeks to implement the latest technological developments with top quality gear that is constantly updated, and, as Collyer underlines, “SGM applies a different way of thinking to their products making their products a bit different to any other”.

Lighting designer, Francois van der Merwe, recently deployed TechRig’s newly acquired Q-7s for a corporate event in Cape Town. “I think it was the fixture’s output that stunned everyone; that was the big talking point among the crew. Even the sound guys took notice. But from a designer’s point of view I really like the colour mixing as well and that size of the physical unit – you can sneak them in anywhere on your design.”

TechRig’s Activators installed the products under van der Merwe’s skilled design guides to create the exact look he was going for at the gala dinner and awards show. “We wanted to create a nice multi-functional and multi-purpose look, especially between the awards and the entertainment. We wanted to create nice moments in the entertainment section where set, AV and lighting were working together in synergy for a visual spectacular”, van der Merwe informs.

The Q-7 fixtures were stacked around the set (which’s content was delivered by 2 x 26K projectors). “This allowed us to frame the set, and in other sections blend the set and lighting rig together. We also used the Q-7 as eye candy and pixel mapped them with the AV content, as well as used them as stabs to highlight big changes in the music.”

The Q-7 contains 2,000 powerful RGBW LEDs, and with all LEDs on it delivers a staggering 28,000 lumen with a spread of 110˚. Collyer reports that their client was ecstatic “and I’m sure they’ll ask for the Q-7 by name in the future. There are so many different ways to use the Q-7s so watch this space!” he concludes.

Operations Director of S.E.T Africa, Marin Matakovic, is excited about this new investment by TechRig. “It’s great when others see the potential we also see in the SGM product range – which availability for the SA market has now been expanded through TechRig”, he announces.


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