D.T.S. as a technical partner of ‘Napoli Pizza Village 2015’.

Naples is famous all over the world for the beauty of its landscape and its rich cultural and artistic heritage. But Naples is also one of the highest expressions of Italian cuisine, and the creator of the best known food in the world: pizza. The fifth edition of ‘Napoli Pizza Village’ event took place from 1 to 6 September in Naples. A themed village rose along the splendid Caracciolo waterfront, offering music, exhibitions, shows, cabaret and culinary competitions; but also it hosted the 50 best pizzerias in Naples that cooked 100,000 pizzas! D.T.S. was the technical partner of ‘Napoli Pizza Village’, in collaboration with the rental company Argo Service.

The NRG 801 Led moving heads lighted the stage where shows were performed; the RAPTOR beam moving heads, arranged along the Caracciolo waterfront, enlivened the party with their powerful multicolored beams of light, celebrating the true and only protagonist of the event: the pizza.

Info: www.dts-lighting.com

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