Matthew Griffiths to step down as PLASA CEO

Matthew Griffiths is to step down as PLASA CEO. A statement from PLASA reads: Over the past few months it has become clear to the boards and executive management of PLASA that a fundamental redesign of our business model and structures are necessary due to the increasingly difficult trading conditions currently being experienced. For the organisation to remain of service & benefit to the membership we represent, it is imperative that our expenditure can be funded by an affordable and sustainable income. To that end, the PLASA Governing Body has decided that there needs to be complete review of its businesses.

In light of the above and after 17 years as PLASA’s chief executive officer, Matthew Griffiths has decided that now is the right time to step aside which would help kick start and facilitate a fresh set of ideas and approaches needed for the next chapter in PLASA’s development.

Griffiths comments: “Having being involved in a number of restructures for PLASA over the years, I know how important it is to have clarity around the leadership driving any change as well as having a completely new set of thinking to tackle the challenges ahead. I am immensely proud of my achievements over the last two decades at PLASA including the growth of the PLASA London Exhibition, the PLASA Focus events, the launch of Lighting and Sound America, our political lobbying and the merger with ESTA. That said, my biggest satisfaction comes from working with a dedicated, committed and talented team of people, many of which have become close friends. The time is right to step aside and I will be working closely with the PLASA Governing Body during this transitional period to assist in every way possible.”

John Simpson, who is now the PLASA Governing Body Acting Chairman following the resignation of Steve Terry of ETC, added: “Matthew will be leaving PLASA on October 31st 2015 following the PLASA Exhibition after 17 years. His commitment to the Industry and to the members of PLASA is renowned. He has built up an international profile of which we should be proud and I know that his passion, good humour and acumen will be missed. We wish him well in his new future”.


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