D.T.S. keep ‘Rockin’1000’ Perfectly in Time

When it comes to 1,000 musicians playing a track in unison, it takes some creative thinking to keep them all in time. Filmed and produced in record time, the group “Rockin’1000” exceeded it’s goal of creating a video to entice the Foo Fighters to play in Cesena on their next Italian tour, by enabling 1000 musicians to play the band’s track “Learn To Fly” in unison.

The video became a viral hit in a matter of hours, achieving 3.5 million views, and 250 articles across the international press. A result of this magnitude was never guaranteed, but the video serves as a strong reminder of the obstacles that can be overcome when many combine to achieve a shared goal. At the key of this success was organisation, and thinking outside of the box to achieve the finished product. Step in 12 D.T.S fixtures to control the timing of the piece, and you’re away. D.T.S. 1000 Rockin

D.T.S said “It was an honor for us to be involved in the craziest thing that could be requested to our products”. The Conductor, Mario Sabiu, was assisted on on top of his tower, by the support of 12 x NRG 1201 LED projectors. The NRG 1201 units, controlled by a click from the main console, beat with metronomic precision the time of the song, projecting green/red/red/red colour sequences, that could be clearly seen by all musicians in daylight. This enabled the musician’s to stay in time.

You can watch the fixtures get to work in the video below:

Info: www.dts-lighting.com

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