London fitness centre picks PreSonus StudioLive

An array of PreSonus StudioLive AI loudspeakers have recently been installed in London’s premier ’boutique fitness destination’, Core Collective. Part of a highly integrated project at the new Kensington gym, the StudioLive AI speakers are responsible for delivering the pumping soundtrack of the facility’s fixed-bike spinning classes.

Designed to perform with the clarity of a studio monitor in live and installed sound situations, each StudioLive AI enclosure delivers a remarkable 2000W of power. All units are based around PreSonus’ 8″ Co-Actual driver – which delivers accurate high and mid-frequency reproduction – with woofer configuration and frequency response being among the distinguishing features between models.

A total of five 328AI speakers – with their 3×8″ driver design – and a single 18sAI subwoofer were specified for the project by Belgravia-based integrator Knektd. Company director Shaun Wilson describes the StudioLive AI installation as “a cross between a 5.1 system and a full-on club set-up. We’d originally looked at another brand to supply speakers for the spinning room, but the cost to get the performance we were after was proving prohibitive.

“We were in touch with the guys at Source Distribution and their commercial audio sales manager Tim Gray suggested we look at the PreSonus option – to be honest, they blew us away. The StudioLive AIs gave us lots of headroom, which means they sound incredible at day-to-day volume in the gym. They also look fantastic and in this day and age – where clients and their customers are really switched on to the visual appeal of a product and how it impacts on a brand – that was of real importance.”

The StudioLive loudspeakers slot seamlessly into installation projects thanks to designed-in networking, remote control and DSP customisation functionality.


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