SGM products generate attraction in Poland

XXIV Fair of Lighting Equipment LIGHT, Poland, was organized on 25-27th of March 2015. This trade show is the most important event in Poland in the field of lighting and electrical installation. SGM’s distributor LTT Sp. z o. o. had designed an amazing stand, welcoming in the many visitors to see and demo the SGM product range.

LTT’s Marketing Director, Paweł Mroziński, explains:
“Fair of Lighting Equipment are focused on architecture lighting, and our products were not only outstanding but also very different than others. We wanted to show possibilities of LED lighting – solutions that make exciting and effective architectural interior and outdoor illuminations. To achieve the effect, we decided to show the G-Spot moving head, presented in the fountain, with two P-5 lights at its side. It was the best way to prove the IP65 rating of these products.

The second thing that aroused a lot of interest was a video light curtain of LB-100 LED Balls. We recognize this as a perfect product to create spectacular arrangements.

Other SGM products that we proudly offered to visitors were LT100, P-2 and SixPack. All of them made an impression on people.

At the end, we created an attractive, eye-catching stand, which tempted many visitors. The stand received appreciation from clients and the jury. In fact, we won the third prize for the best stand on LIGHT Fairs in Poland.

We were glad that we took part in this event, and opened up for new architectural market segments.”


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