P-5 wash lights ensure high energy for NIKE’s N+TC Tour in Moscow

40 x P-5s were part of the setup, primarily located on the main stage for NIKE’s big N+TC Tour that took place in Gorky Park, Moscow. The IP65-rated wash lights were perfect for the outdoor event, and directed towards all the eager participants, they really helped keep the energy high and the mood vibrant.

Gorky Park is Moscow’s central park, with more than 40,000 visitors on weekdays and 250,000 on weekends and public holidays. Since 2011, the park has been setting new standards, becoming Russia’s first world-class park and a space for recreation, sport, dance and outdoor games. In line with this, American sports apparel brand Nike was stopping by the park from June 12th-21st 2015 for their N+TC Tour with different events for women.

Moscow has been chosen as one of 12 big cities around the world to take part in this great sport event. Nike flew in their motivating coaches to lead a packed schedule of yoga, dance, high intensity, and other classes. Allure, Benefit, and Kynsi sent manicurists, stylists, and makeup artists; Sekta, Vogue, and YogaJournal were giving classes and lectures. Participation was free of charge for all of the events except for the final 10K race, the proceeds from which will go to charity.

Info: www.sgmlight.com

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