coolux to demonstrate new Pandoras Box feature at infoComm

coolux, the creators of the award winning Pandoras Box product family, will present multiple hardware and software products at this year’s infoComm exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to demonstrating the Pandoras Box systems’ 4K realtime rendering capabilities, visitors will also be able to catch a first glimpse of an entirely new Pandoras Box feature, which will be released later this year.

The new Pandoras Box Kiosk mode will make it possible to use Pandoras Box systems for professionally playing out synchronised 4K video content, without the need for using an advanced timeline interface.

“Our customers have very diverse system requirements, since they all operate in slightly different markets. In order to add even more flexibility and ease of use, we have developed the Pandoras Box Kiosk mode. This means one can easily switch to a very simple interface now, that does just a few things, but does them really well. This mode allows even non specialists to use Pandoras Box for truly professional playout scenarios.”
– Jan Huewel, Senior Director, Processing Solutions

coolux GmbH (‘coolux’), was acquired recently by Christie®, the global leader in visual displays and audio technologies. On its own and in combination with Christie products, coolux has earned an enviable track record in delivering impactful 3D visualisation and composting solutions and driving many notable events.

infoComm visitors interested in purchasing coolux Pandoras Box products can visit the coolux booth at infoComm booth #2873 , which is presented by Christie partner Theatrical Concepts, or the Christie booth #3127.  Since 2005, Theatrical Concepts/coolux International has  been the coolux presence in the USA and Latin America,  and is also an active reseller of Christie projection solutions.

“Christie and coolux are working seamlessly together in delivering impactful 3D visualization and compositing solutions. We’re providing the best-in-class answer to meet our customers’ needs for presenting the most stunning and notable visual experiences.”
– Steve Gilbard, certified coolux Partner/President, Theatrical Concepts.

Customers also have the choice of seeing additional coolux Pandoras Box solutions in action on the official Christie booth.

coolux – Theatrical Concepts booth number: 2873

Christie booth number: 3127


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