Proel embark on Sicily Demo Tour

Proel recently embarked on tour of Sicily, demonstrating its Axiom professional loudspeaker systems. The tour, which was made even more enjoyable by very favourable weather, included product demonstrations which were held over three days from 27th to 29th of May. Organised by Proel’s exclusive Axiom retailers, and presented to their regional entertainment industry customers, they featured the new ultra-compact AXCA4402 touring package, which consists of both active and passive loudspeaker elements. 

Proel Axiom Demo Sicily

The active AX2065A loudspeaker is powered by a integrated 2 x 1,000 watt Class D amplifier which not only results in an extremely lightweight and compact format, but also powers an additional passive AX2065P cabinet, making very efficient use of available mains power and cabling. The AXCA4402 system therefore offers low total cluster weight and impressive sound pressure (129dB max peak SPL from one cabinet) over a 110 degree horizontal coverage angle.

Proel Axiom Demo Sicily

The new compact SW215A dual 15-inch active subwoofers provided low frequency support for the flown arrays, while the fully integrated digital processing provided system management and remote control on PC via a CAT5 network.

Divisional area manager Rocco Camerlengo, with the aid of LED display screens kindly made available by retailers, alternated listening tests with a very thorough explanation on the Pronet loudspeaker management software, showing every feature of the very user-friendly and flexible Axiom system.


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