Adlib Lighting Invests £1 million in Martin Professional

UK rental and production company Adlib has recently invested over £1 million in Martin Professional products. The investment, which includes the award-winning MAC Viper™ family, MAC QuantumWash, and MAC Aura™, sees the company’s inventory of Martin products increase to over 200 units.


“Adlib has seen significant growth over the past few years and there has been a real need to further invest in new equipment to supplement our rental stock,” says Mike Docksey, General Manager of Lighting and Video, Adlib. “It was extremely important for us to invest wisely in the resources behind the talented people we have here at Adlib so that they can continue to flourish. With an already extensive inventory of Martin products in our ranks, it was an easy decision to demonstrate our faith in the brand once more by way of a series of purchases across the range in a relatively short time frame.” 

“We’re very proud of the relationship we have with Martin Professional and it makes perfect business sense to invest further in a brand which is trusted and recognised throughout the world,” says Ian Tomlinson, Director and Designer of Lighting and Video, Adlib. “When designing stage shows I need to build from a solid platform of rich, intense colours and beams in order to create that extra dimension, and with Martin products I can be sure to achieve this.”

“It has been a pleasure supporting the excellent team at Adlib,” says David Stewart, Key Account Manager, Martin Professional. “Providing not only the best tools for their clients but also maximum return of investment with our renowned service and support is a testament to their trust in Martin Professional.”


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