Red Lighting Quadro Q300 at PL+S 2015

One of Red Lighting’s new products on show at PL&S 2015 was a new fixture entirely studied, designed and manufactured in Italy: the Quadro Q300.

Red Lighting PL+S 2015

This product is a LED IP65 architectural fixture IP65 with projection distance of from 4 to 25 metres and beam angle of 12°, 24° or 38°. It has nine 30W LED RGBW that guarantee a working life of about 50,000 hours, and with RGBW colour mixture, as well as a number of adjustable pre-set colour temperatures. It is equipped with a linear strobe effect dimmer with variable, random and pulse speed.

Display access is via the opening on the front panel, which, in our opinion, is really well made and with great attention on the protection of the LED matrix, thus guaranteeing higher safety levels, also decreasing risks of infiltration.

Quadro Q300 works in three DMX modes, 3,8 or 12 channels, and is a RDM ready fixture. It has an elegant and well defined design, with particular attention to details, such as the pattern on the front protective glass panel and the particular base that makes the fixture nice to see, other than also being versatile.


ZioGiorgio Staff
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