Pan Acoustics introduces Powerline system and the new series of Pan Speakers

German Pan Acoustics introduced a series of new products at PL+S 2015, one of which was, in our opinion, really interesting and worth keeping an eye on.

Pan Speakers is a series made up of passive systems with excellent speech intelligibility and behaviour during music playing, and elegant design. The speaker has a 3.5″ low frequency driver and 0.5″ tweeter. At the rear there is a double-pole connector, as well as nuts with adjustable sliding bolts, also on the sides, which enable to have different combinations of wall positions. Pan Speakers can be used alone or with the PS-208 subwoofer. The series is made up of the P 01-PI, P 02-PI, P 04-PI, P 08-PI, P 8-15-PI models, this last one with 16 2.1″ drivers instead of 3.5” as for all other models.

Pan Acoustics PL+S 2015

We found the Pan Powerline system really interesting, which, as Jan Leerschool says in the interview during PL+S, is the first product of its kind and – since right now it is difficult to check this in detail – we can only trust in what he told us.
In short, this innovation consists in the possibility of transmitting audio signals, control data and power input by means of two electrical cables. The Pan Powerline system has a master control unit able to combine audio input signals with control data and power input. A CCU (Central Control Unit) can manage up to four Powerline loudspeakers, while different types of speakers such as PB-08 PPL or PB-04 PPL can be connected to a lone and each speaker can be adjusted via different parameters such as frequency response, beam steering or delay. The speakers can be organized and managed in a star-shaped system, in a star-daisy chain or in daisy chain cabling.

The last new product introduced was the Dante, with interesting features such as Pan system functions with two independent audio streams and a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz. In the following video interview there are some examples of applications of the Pan system.


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