Next Proaudio: a point source and a monitor with all the right credentials

HFA212 is the new Point Source speaker from Next Proaudio, a Portuguese company that is, for us, relatively new as we don’t know much about it.
From what we were able to see during PL+S, the HFA212 is a product with everything it needs: D-Class amplifier and on-board DSP, network with specifically developed (in-house) control software – available for free download – and quality components. It has two 12” woofers and a 1.4” driver with 80°x 60° dispersion but with the possibility of turning the horn mechanically to change pattern.

NEXT Pro Audio PL+S 2015

The internal DSP has six pre-sets developed by Next Proaudio’s team and two user tables that can be set a per the needs of the user.
Another feature to take note of is the temperature control that can be monitored live by the control software.
In any case, if the temperature reaches dangerous levels, the speaker does not stop working, but on the other hand, lowers the signal gradually and homogeneously without interrupting the sound, avoiding unpleasant inconveniences…

LAm114xA is a stage monitor with a classic and not so invasive shape, with a 14” coaxial speaker and bass reflex in the low part of the chassis. Also in this case, there is a 1350 Watt, D class amplifier with on-board DSP and on-board and Soundware proprietary software for the live control of parameters such as input delay, high and low pass filter, bass enhancer etc. during the listening test during the fair (not really an ideal place) we noticed, however, interesting tones, in particular regarding balanced and easygoing sound.


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