MX Wendler & Jands Vista at PL+S 2015

MX Wendler is a small German company known for its simple management system for video contents, that is both intuitive and highly-performing. At PL+S 2015, we had the possibility of seeing the system in action controlled by a Jands Vista console.

Wendler Vista PL+S 2015

StageDesigner, is a software system for the management of media, suitable for creations and installations in architectural environments, as well as clubs and shows. It works on Mac and on Windows, and is easy and intuitive, able to interface with all known systems such as Midi, DMX, Keyboard, Mouse, iPhone, iPad, Android and many more.

Xserver, on the other hand, is the hardware introduced by MX Wendler, with six HD integrated outputs, 32 Layers and different types of configurable live inputs, ArtNet LED mapping and video slow motion.

In this video interview during PL+S, Hendrik Wendler runs a small tutorial for us on the ease of use of the media server interfaced with the Jands Vista console.


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