Meyer Sound gives us the new Leopard system

Capitalizing on the technology of the large-format Leo system, at PL+S, Meyer Sound introduced Leopard, more compact and versatile than its bigger brother and which, according to Meyer, has been even more improved with regards to response linearity and low distortion.
The system, with on-board amplification, is made up of the Leopard modulo array array and the 900-LCF sub, a close relative of the bigger 1100-LCF.
Weight of only 33.6 Kg per modulo, and 61.2 Kg per sub 900-LCF with an integrated 18’’ class D amplifier, make it particularly suitable for situations that do not have large load capacity for hanging. Something quite frequently seen in Italy unfortunately…

Meyersound PL+S 2015

Leopard is optimized so as to be installed in an array with at least six tops (or more) and the sub can be positioned in ground stack or also in array thanks to its dedicated rigging.
In this case, once again, the operator can choose from the large range of equipment that is always supplied with Meyer Sound systems, such as the MDM-5000 power module which, by means of simple cabling, routes the audio signal and supplies the different modules.

MAPP XT, prediction software is also available, while Compass RMS is dedicated to live control of the system. Galileo Callisto is the well-known signal processor for the ‘fine’ management of the system.

In the video interview during PL+S, Luke Jenks presented the new member of the family.

But we then went back to Meyer’s stand where we met Michael Creason, who spoke to us in general about the project (and we will soon be invited for a listening test) but also how the Californian company considers this system – designed and built with particular attention to weight and size – ideal to respond to medium- to large touring needs and demands, and in particular for those of European indoor e outdoor touring, rightly considered the “power to size ratio”.
As tradition for Meyer Sound, its mission is the search for a tone as neutral as possible, and uniform coverage. All we have to do now is listen…


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