Martin Professional RUSH SM Smoke machine and Gobo Projector 1

Martin Professional introduced two smoke machines from the RUSH effects line: RUSH SM 650™ e RUSH SM 850™ at PL+S 2015.
These new smoke machines have interesting features, including a 4 channel wireless remote control system with and a blue LED to indicate the level of liquid, to enable top-ups during shows. Bth products have a neat design with stainless steel casing, as well as a strong handle for the RUSH SM 850™.

Martin PL+S 2015

RUSH SM 650 ™ has pre-heating functions at 700 W, provides 160 m3 per minute, ready to work in five minutes and has a tank of 1.3 litres. It also includes a hand-held 4 channel wireless remote control.

RUSH SM 850 ™ is the more powerful of the two machines, and is equipped with a heating element of 850 W, 200 m3 of smoke emission per minute, heat-up time of 8 minutes and a 1.6 litre tank, as well as other features as for the SM 650.

Martin PL+S 2015

We also had the opportunity of seeing for ourselves the RUSH Gobo Projector 1, a mini fixture created for clubs, bars, restaurants and shopping malls, which is extremely compact and lightweight, with a high-speed E-size gobo changeover system. The light source is made up of a 20W LED array with minimum duration of 30,000 hours, able to produce a beam with an angle of 17°. The unit is enclosed in an IP20 protection level silvered case, ideal for indoor applications, and is equipped with an adjustable bracket for mounting.

PL+S 2015

The winner of the Martin Professional’s 2015 Young Lighting Designer Contest, Jorge Espinoza, won a trip to PL+S 2015, as well as a Kit with the new controller M-Touch™ and M-PC™.

Speaking about his win, the 25-year-old from Mexico said: “I like to work with the M series because it offers the right tools to turn my ideas into my work. I’m really pleased and honoured to have won this competition over many other talented people. I wanted to share the show and my idea, but I never actually imagined that I could win. I’d like to thank the judges and all those who voted for me”.


ZioGiorgio Staff

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