Martin Audio: CDD installation series

Martin Audio introduced the CDD Series presenting itself for the first time to the installation sector with a product expressly designed for this market. This product line uses mainly coaxial speakers that have the particularity of being able to generate a “differential” dispersion. Let’s try to explain this in a few words.
With a conventional coverage that generates a X° per Y° dispersion, the speaker is usually positioned above head-level and aimed towards the centre of the audience, thus generating coverage that lacks in certain areas, in particular the sides and near the same speaker.

Martin Audio PL+S 2015

The CDD (Coaxial Differential Dispersion) system, on the contrary, produces a rectangular coverage pattern and is able to reach each and every corner of the venue, ensuring wide horizontal coverage, above all in the areas near the speaker. This ‘trick’ means that CDD speakers can also be positioned further away from each other, with consequent decrease in the total number of units.
This is the theory, and to go further in detail and hear for ourselves, we look forward to listening test.


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