MA Lighting dot2 and MA Network Switch

At MA-Lighting’s stand at PL+S, we met Product Specialist Michael Strathmann, who showed us the possibilities of use of the brand new dot2.
In effect, this new products has really numerous possibilities of use, which are made easy thanks to a touchscreen that is well designed and intuitive, and which gives easy access to all functions that fixtures can have a wide range of functions aimed at programming and playback give an intuitive approach and advanced functions. Access to fixtures by means of Smart Dialogue and Store Look enable to control lights and record scenes extremely fast.

MA Lighting PL+S 2015

Many of these features are already included in the keys on the touchscreen and enable to rapidly select the more advanced functions, such as for example, colour management, with the possibility of quickly inserting a colour-morphing effect. Moreover, the Track & Shield and Auto-Unblock commands simplify the management of the cue-list, while the Auto Fix function on playback avoids unexpected light surges and swings.

With this console MA-Lighting will surely become part of the market sector dedicated to medium- to small events and, therefore, the service companies that have always considered the flagship product MA2 more than what they really needed both with regards to their needs as well as to programming needs rather than considering price.
And speaking about compatibility with other MA Lighting consoles, we must say that the shows carried out with the dot2 can be imported to GrandMA2 but not vice versa.

MA Lighting PL+S 2015

Renè Berhorst, Product Manager at MA Lighting, showed us, on the other hand, the potential of the MA Network Switch. As you can see in the second part of the video interview, the switch enables to have fast set-up for all the devices connected: surface control, MPU, nodes and more and also manage a filter on each port that blocks or allows transit flows. MA Network Switch is a true “network traffic management”, as Renè said.


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