Spotlight at PL+S 2015 with the Florence opera house

With great pride, Thomas Nell from Spotlight spoke to us about the recent installation the company did at the Florence opera house, the first in the world to use exclusively Spotlight’s Green LED fixtures.

PL+S 2015 arc spotlight

FresneLED 600  is a 600W white fixture with varying colour temperature and RGB. The performance of this beam is the same as that of a device with halogen lamp of 2000/2500W but with a duration of 30,000 hours, using only 600W. Other new products are the FresneLED 450, available with different optics, able to produce a beam similar to a 2500W halogen and profilers ProfiLED, equipped with a LED source just like a 1200W halogen with projection, as we could see for ourselves, is, in fact, constant and brilliant.

Spotlight has also created a system called ARC (Automated Remote Control) that can increase the potential of the traditional fixtures simply by positioning them on the yoke and transforming them into moving heads with smooth and silent movement.

Spotlight also had on show at PL+S 2015 the new cycLED, asymmetric fixtures with 300W LED RGBW and sophisticated optical system created specifically to enable to illuminate completely evenly an area of about 6 metres and 7 metres high, at a distance from the backdrop of only 1.5 metres.

The stand also had a series of ‘house lights’, also ideal for installations, made up of recessed and moveable spots with a particular design with interchangeable optics, high performance and elegance.
These include FlumLED, a LED micro fixture with varying power ranging from 1 to 3W, designed for elegant illumination, with the same versatility as a theatre light, with elegant design, and BeeLED, a smaller sized fixture on which users can easily install LEDs of to 50W, different colour temperature, static optics and zoom.

Spotlight has created different product ranges able to substitute normal lights completely, from 1 watt in-house spots to the most complex projection profile systems, cyc and many more.


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