PreSonus: new SL-AVB-MIX card for Studio Live

Presonus makes another important step in Active Integration. The new card SL-AVB-MIX (optional), installed on all StudioLive AI series mixers, is a step forward in connectivity and creation of a PreSonus audio network. Thanks to the AVB technology (AudioVideoBridging) it is now possible to interconnect a StudioLive AI console with a RM AI mixer creating a reliable audio network with low latency.

The XMAX preamps of the RM AI mixer will then be controlled directly from the StudioLive AI console. All StudioLive RM mixers have already the card SL-AVB-MIX aboard. This card is activated with a simple firmware update that will be released soon. The audio networking provides new and easier ways to connect to audio equipment, saving time, money and space, as well as making the old, heavy and expensive power slips with copper cables obsolete. Unlike ordinary stage boxes that are on the market, the RM AI mixer actually expands your mixin system, being itself a real mixer equipped with its own Fat Channels and independent bus effects and more.

With the network PreSonus AVB, the company from Baton Rouge wants to eliminate the complexity of the set-up, offering the benefits of a sound system in the network even to those who have IT-skills. PreSonus’ Plans provide a strong expansion of PreSonus AVB network management possibilities, limiting, at this stage of the launch the use of the mixer RM AI as a stage box and monitoring system. This will still allow the network to route up to 32 inputs from the mixer stage, up to 32 inputs from the FOH mixer and the main L/R from the FOH and Talkback from FOH console. In the PreSonus AVB stage/mixer configuration the Stage mixer will receive Main L/R outputs from the FOH console in the network, instead of the local Main mix, while any input received from the mixer RM Stage in the network can be controlled as a gain, + 48V Phantom power and polarity from FOH console. The commands of the associated channel will control the + 48V Phantom and the polarity, while the Value encoder of the Master Control section, controls the gain of the preamp mixer RM currently selected.



Its also possible to connect a computer for playback and recording via FireWire to the FOH console. If configured in Stage Box/Mixer mode, the RM Stage mixer will not support the Playback/Recording, but if a computer is connected via FireWire for playback, all active digital inputs are routed through the network to another mixer Stage RM to allow monitor mix.

All that’s needed to establish a connection PreSonus AVB is a single Ethernet cable from the FOH mixer to the monitor mixer. If connected without a AVB switch, the Wireless control of the RM AI mixer RM AI is assured by the use of the supplied WiFi key “dongle”,  connected to the control device ( iPad or PC / Mac ) via wireless router .

If you want to use a hardware connection you need to enter a certified AVB system switch. The RM mixer supports UC-Surface and Q-Mix AI softwares, while the AI console supports VSL-AI , SL-Remote AI , and Qmix-AI . In future consoles AI can also be controlled by UC -Surface .

Finally, an AVB card for the PreSonus StudioLive AI speakers will be available  in the second quarter of 2015. As soon as this card will be available, even the StudioLive AIseries speakers may be entered and controlled within the PreSonus AVB system together with mixer .



ZioGiorgio Staff
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