Montarbo is back to mixing with the MX series and raises with the NM350

From the experience gained on the systems of the FULL and WIDEE616 S series sprouts the E616 S, a passive 2-way full-range system of small size, that focuses on quality.
The small size and the included bracket fits for applications that range from fixed installations to systems for reverberant environments, from nearfield monitor for live recording studios, up to sound reinforcement systems in theater, or as frontfill for the PalcoPlus line array system. E616 S features two 6’’ woofers (with 2.5″ voice coil) plus a 1’’ neodymium compression driver, with a dispersion of 70° x 80°.

Montarbo MX series @ PL+S 2015

Montarbo MX series @ PL+S 2015


The bi-amped NM350 active speaker is an evolution from his younger brother NM250, taking the body but with an increase in power and efficiency by getting a wider frequency response, a more accurate tone and definition, thanks to the new 1″ driver .

Compared to the NM250, it means greater sound pressure, reduction of the distortion (doubling the distance of the audience reached) and lower weight.
Recommended for small live sessions (even outdoor) or/and pianobar, possibly accompanied by the new sub Earth112 for small DJ -Sets, and bands of small to medium-size for gigs and rehearsals .


The MX mixer series is a great return for Montarbo into this specific area. Available in both 20 channels and 28- channel versions, it features a dual 56-bit processor with 24-bit Δ/Σ conversion with over 205 programs, an LCD display, 6 auxiliary outputs and a 10-band graphic equalizer outputs on the master, all controllable via 100 mm faders. And the news in terms of live mixing does not end here, but for the “piece de resistance ” you still have to be a little patient …

The DUEL WS is an ultra compact battery powered combo system, ideal for performers on the move who need portability, light weight and an adequate sound with different settings for different applications.
It has the same features and controls of the DUEL with in addition a UHF 16CH wireless receiver integrated, that you can use coupled with the microphone (HT- 16) or with the transmitter Body- pack (BT- 16) .


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