K-Array at PL+S 2015 with concert series, KH7 and Kayman

Many new products presented by K-Array at PL + S with the concert series and the new KH2, KH3 and KH5, the new KH7 and the portable system of the Kayman series.

KH2 is a compact line array element for events of medium size, consisting of two 8″ neodymium woofers  with 2.5″ voice coils and two 1.4″ compression drivers with 2,5″ voice coils, capable of expressing a power of 750 + 250 W with 136 dB peak level, in a range of frequencies between 70 Hz and 19 kHz.

KH3 contains two 12″ neodymium woofers with 2.5″ voice coils. It expresses 1000 + 250 W power with 132 db peak, in a frequency range of 55 Hz – 19 kHz . KH5 contains two 15″ neodymium woofers with 2.5″ voice coil, it’s got 1500 + 500 W power with 142 dB SPL, and frequency range of 55 Hz – 19 kHz .

The concert series is made ​​up of self-powered systems with integrated DSP and remote control with touch screen on board, control of digital matrix and steering. They allow a horizontal coverage of 110° and vertical equal to 10 ° (editable by preset) except for Kh7 which has a vertical coverage from 7 ° to 25°. Onboard is a class-D amplifier with an output power equal to 2 x 1600 W @ 4 Ohm for KH2 and KH3 , 4 x 1600 W @ 4 Ohm with regard to KH5 .


K-Array KH2

KH7 is equipped with four 12″ coaxial woofers with a neodymium magnet, and is capable of producing a peak of 141 dB SPL, and offers multiple configuration options, including the possibility to use it both vertically and horizontally and is quick to set up. Onboard we find a class D amplifier 4 x 2000 W at 4 Ω, while the sound coverage is digitally optimised for a powerful and uniform sound. It uses SAT technology, digital Steering and is weatherproofed for outdoor installations. It’s ideal for large-scale events and amplification for tours and concerts in stadiums, arenas , concert halls and theatres .

The third change concerns the world of portable systems with the Kayman series and the new KY102 series, a passive speaker with eight 4″ neodymium woofers placed in a stainless steel chassis with a great performance/size ratio, with wide horizontal and vertical coverage, variable wide or narrow, with IP54 protection, ideal for outdoor installations , theatres , clubs , places of worship and much more.

By combining a pair of KY102 with a pair of KMT218 subwoofers  (2 x 18″) , with 2500 Watts for each channel, you obtain KR802, a system that can produce 135 dB continuous power and 142 dB peak with integrated DSP and dedicated presets quick to install and equipped with analog and digital AES/ EBU  inputs .

In the video below, an overview of the new K – Array products at PL + S 2015 with the product specialist Francesco Maffei .

Info: www.k-array.com
Info: www.exhibo.it

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