ETC Source Four LED Fresnel software innovations for EOS

Double interview at the ETC stand, thanks to the last half-day of the fair that was a lot less chaotic than the others. We wanted to take a look at the latest accessory for ETC’s LED profiles, able to transform these fixtures in wash lights thanks to a Fresnel converter that adapts to Source Four LED series 1 and 2.

Jim Uphoff told us that this new accessory enables to manage zoom of from 15° to 50° and is equipped with flags for the shaping of the beam, as well as being easy and fast to apply.

In the console ‘department’, on the other hand, Davide Gabbani presented the 2.3 version of EOS software with an important innovation regarding colours. With the x7 Color System, patented by ETC to get higher colour definition, there are 7 channels to ‘play with’, which will surely make all the most maniac Lighting Designers happy, but will also put the patience of operators to the test, as well as reduce programming times.

Etc Prolight + Sound 2015

And this is why EOS consoles have a series of new functions to control color easily and immediately and, at the same time, more precisely. The colour picker allows to choose the yield of each of the 7 LEDs from the spectrum, interacting directly with the graphics. Moreover, once the colour has been chosen, luminosity, chromatic output and final colour can also be decided, by changing just a few components. With the same system, there is also the possibility of setting colour temperature even if the fixture does not have a an opposite channel, as well as set type of transition that you want to get during colour mixing by using the ‘Color Fade’ parameter.


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