Powersoft: celebrating 20 years of activity

Powersoft celebrated its Silver Anniversary – 20 years of activity – at PL+S this year with a special evening the second day of the show. Francesco Fanicchi and the Powersoft team organized a spectacular party in one of Frankfurt’s well-known venues, and our team was, of course, among the invited guests…
The company did not have any new products on show during the fair – but some important news is in the pipeline, ready to be released – and the choice was made to focus on continuous innovation, which the Tuscan company has been carrying out: from the invention of D Class, just to mention one, up to the introduction on the market of M-Force, the low frequency distribution system.

Powersoft PL+S 2015

Powersoft does not manufacture finished subwoofers, but we had the chance to listen to M-Force installed in a sub from AURA Audio which, together with Spanish DAS (which, unfortunately, did not hold any listening test), first started to use this technology.

As already said in our post show report on PL&S, listening to these subs was really impressive. One sub only for two arrays with six tops each side, and which literally made the earth tremble. What’s more important, though, is the definition and responsiveness to transients, which – we are ready to confirm – is almost impossible to get with ‘traditional’ systems.
We hope, and know in some way, that other companies (also Italian) are already working on this technology which is, right now, one of the most important possibilities in sound reinforcement.
With Claudio Lastrucci the ‘babbo’ (which is how they say Dad in Tuscany…) of M-Force, we had a real nice chat on the future developments of this technology and even if, unfortunately, he wouldn’t tell us anything, we are sure that there are developments ongoing…
another main player on the stand was the D-Class series of speakers with the recently introduced X-Series DSP which we have already spoken about…

Info: www.powersoft-audio.com

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