LD Systems: Curv 500 and MAUI 5

adam-hall-e1429688115376For sure, the most attractive news at Adam Hall’s large booth was the loudspeaker system Curv 500. It’s a small, modular, scalable active Curved Array system with a great design and a very easy set up. Thanks to the SmartLink® adapter system, the modules can be assembled and connected without use of external cables. The sub, which is very compact  too,  has 4 internal channels for mixing applications and a Bluetooth module, able to send the signal to the top cabinets, that can build an array with constant curving with a maximum of 8 components. Every module contains a 4’’ mid-woofer and a 1’’ HF titanium driver. Listening to the system was a great pleasure, the sound is very balanced and refined!

is the entry level product of the column speaker system range MAUI. It’s compact, with divisible satellite speakers, and has a bluetooth module on board too. It also features three mixing channels and a LECC DSP processor.

Amongst all the other products that Adam Hall presented at their booth, they presented a new line of compact analog consoles, the VIBZ Series,  with a very classic and easy-to-use design. Mic preamp, three band eq, 24bit effect engine and a button dedicated to compression, and nothing more. In a market segment which is quite crowded, we are sure that this product will show what it’s made of.

Info: www.adamhall.com

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