ETC celebrates biggest ever Prolight & Sound

On one of their stands, visitors were able to get an exclusive preview of the Eos console family software version 2.3, which is due for release in summer and adds a number of new options for controlling colour. Anne Valentino, ETC’s Eos product manager, says: “Among the changes are multiple colour space options, which can be used for any type of mixing system and improved gel matching and new display options. Tinting tools – such as warmer and cooler – can also be used to adjust colour.

“Spectrum tools expose emitter settings for LED fixtures, and with ETC LED fixtures provide an adjustment at an emitter level that will maintain the white point. A number of colour fade path options are allowed, with a graphic to display the colour transition and timing tools.”

Cobalt software, which is also due for release later this year, was also available for preview. As people found out, the main features of this release include cue sequences for those who prefer to work that way, targeted recording to a selected master playback, increased action macro commands and the ability to place action macros on the direct selects for direct triggering of actions. There are improvements to effects including the new Beat Boss speed controller.

The fixtures area, meanwhile, was busy with demonstrations throughout the day, as visitors queued for a first look at the new Source Four LED Fresnel adapter, which can be attached to a Source Four LED Series 2 or Series 1 light engine. As Jim Uphoff, ETC’s fixtures product manager, says: “With three different light engines in the ETC Source Four LED Series 2 range – Lustr, Tungsten HD and Daylight HD – along with Fresnel and CYC adapters; nine fixed focus lens tubes; and two variable focus zoom lens tubes, the Source Four LED system impressed people with its versatility. Using our famous upside down fencers – which stand on the ceiling of our show stand – we were able to show how each fixture can be used to its greatest potential; stand visitors all agreed that ETC LED really is the future of entertainment lighting.”

Visitors also got to experience the new ColorSource PAR, which was on display in Germany for the first time. This economical fixture provides more flexible colour mixing than other budget LED fixtures, with each fixture individually calibrated at the factory in the US. It comes with the same service and support levels which the company has become famous for.

CUE winners
ETC announced the two winners of an expenses paid trip to the company’s CUE conference, which will take place 26-28 June. Young professional Stefano de Vito Malin from Italy, and Charles Lapage-Norris, a BSc Lighting Design & Technology student at the University of South Wales, will spend three days at the professional development conference in Madison, Wisconsin, and get to meet top lighting designers while networking among peers, as well as visiting ETC’s head office and factory.

Power control
ETC’s second stand also hosted power control demonstrations, including previews of the EchoDIN CE Power Control system, which is set to launch this summer. A companion to the Sensor3 and Unison families, EchoDIN helps to decrease the cost of powering LED and moving lights on stage; but it works equally well in work and area lighting for non-stage applications. The system includes 4x16A relays as well as 600W phase dimming, 0-10V LED control, and DALI broadcast control; 2x32A relay units are set for release at a later date.


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