PL+S 2015: Music & Lights’ New Moving Heads – Jade and Diamond

Fabio Sorabella’s Music & Lights has presented two of their many new products on show at Prolight + Sound 2015.

JADE is a new hybrid spot, beam and wash moving head conceived by Prolights. It’s a powerful and compact fixture featuring an Osram short-arc 280W Sirius RO lamp. The special optical glass is designed to ensure sharp projection, which is well defined and ultra bright for the entire zoom range, in either Beam mode (2 ° -10 °), or spot mode (5,5 ° – 23 °). Furthermore, JADE is capable of emulating a wash device, combining zoom, Frost and any one of the 13 colour filters on board. The remarkable versatility of this projector is the result of a wide range of effects with unlimited possibilities: Zoom 2 ° -23 ° (1:12), 14 static gobos dedicated to mode Beam, 9 rotating gobos for Spot mode, circular 8-facet prism  and linear 6-sided prism, frost and 13 colours.

Music and Lights PLS 2015 Jade DiamondDIAMOND37 is the flagship of the Diamond series, and offers a technology known as WBFX, in which there are three modes on board the same projector: Washlight – with high brightness and colour intelligibility, Beam – creating parallel and dense beams,  and also a great FX generator.

The light source is composed of 37x15W Osram Ostar LED RGBW / FullColor (1A) with a ratio lm / W, thanks to the combination of high-performance LED, innovative optical technology and the special liquid cooling system and power management. The optical system features a Fast-Zoom ratio of 1:11, which reproduces a variable beam in the range of 6 °-66 °, remaining uniform throughout the excursion and allowing applications in indoor environments such as TV studios and music halls, as well as in large outdoor areas like stadiums and arenas.

Music and Lights PLS 2015

Two new products were also on show for use in the theatre sector, with Eclipse and Minieclipse. The first features LED COB 150W to emulate Tungsten (3000K) and Daylight (6000K) with a high luminous flux, and is equipped with an optical system capable of ensuring a homogeneous projection, a high CRI (97) and linear, full scale dimming. Minieclipse is a new concept of mini LED ellipsoidal, with an elegant design, precision optics, ease of use, bright and sharp image projection, all in a compact body. It is only a quarter of the size when compared to traditional ellipsoidal fixtures. Ideal for applications in commercial areas such as museums, restaurants, churches, theatres, and educational venues, and any other area where size is an important factor. Available in Tungsten (3000K) and daylight (6000K), Minieclipse guarantees excellent projection field, a high CRI of 91 at any level of brightness and a linear dimming scale.


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