PL+S 2015: Curv and MAUI from Adam Hall

No, we have not been drinking – at least not this early on in the day anyway – but these are two novelties from Adam Hall. All we can say is that the Curv 500 certainly gives impressive sound performance and tone with an excellent design. Usually we do not fall in easy excitements, and we don’t like to speak about “sound”,  but this curvy linear array is certainly going strong!

Adam Hall Curv PLS 2015Each module, coupled via joints and without the use of any external cables, contains a 4″ driver and three x 1″ drivers, and the system is completed by a company Sub. The system may be small but has excellent build quality. This is certainly something we’ll be talking about more in the future!

MAUI 5 and the entry level line MAUI feature divisible satellite speakers, and with a bluetooth module on board, these seem to be the perfect portable companion.

Stay tuned for more!


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