PL+S 2015: X Series from L-Acoustics

Two pieces of news from the French audio company, and the first opportunity we have had to lay our eyes (and cameras) on these new products, just after the conclusion of the press conference.

L-Acoustic_Prolight + Sound 2015

The first announcement comes in the form of the new X Series, composed of monitors and point source systems created and designed for confined spaces and for on-stage monitoring. The X 15 monitor in particular captured our attention, the largest and most powerful of the series, providing 15-inch driven low frequencies. From its very low profile and compact design, to the L-Vent (laminar vent) system, the cabinet appeared, on paper, a big step forward compared to previous models. Even the weight of the unit has been significantly decreased.

Secondly was the new release of version 3.0 of the free Soundvision software package. The download page for this software attracted so much traffic after its announcement that for several hours it was temporarily unavailable due to the incredible high demand.

Stay tuned for more information on these systems over the next few days!


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