PL+S 2015: News from the Robe Universe

PL+S 2015 RobePlenty of new releases from Robe at Prolight and Sound 2015.

Jesi Baros presented us with the new family member, BMFL, a spot with Cri at 90, capable of expressing 250,000 lux at 5 metres, to 2500 lux at 50 metres, a zoom from 5 to 55 degrees, two colour wheels, dual wheel graphics and lots of other interesting features.

Another new spot, Viva, features an LED source of 270W, beam from 8 to 40 degrees, 2 colour wheels and 2 gobo wheels.

PL+S 2015 Robe

Staying with the LEDs, Robe introduces Strobe, an LED fixture composed of 120 high power LEDs, with a cycle life of 60,000 hours, 32 degree beam angle and the ability to control individual LEDs, grouped into 12 segments.

PL+S 2015 Robe


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