HB-Laserkomponenten Launches New Website

This year, HB-Laserkomponenten GmbH celebrates their 25th Anniversary. On their brand new website, they also show a collection of projects they have completed over these past years.

Not only working on the manufacturing of show laser light systems, HB-Laser focuses on laser show and multimedia projects as one of their core businesses.  Over the years, the company has received more than 33 industry and laser show awards, amongst these, many ILDA laser show awards, technical achievement awards and Pangolin laser show awards. The company also received the German “Industriepreis” was in 2014 as an award for excellent industrial developments.

HB-Laserkomponenten New Website

HB-Laser’s new website structures in three sections:

Laser Show & Multi Media explains the different services that are provided by HB, amongst other laser show design and programming, multimedia show implementation, water technics and video and laser mapping.

Laser Systems points to the new laser and components online shop. The shop was completely redesigned to make it easier to navigate and easier to find in search engines. Also the order processing was optimized. Besides HB-Laser show laser light systems, RTI Lasers are available now too.

The third main section of the new website is completely new to that extent: Portfolio holds a huge selection of laser show and laser installation project references from the past years. Many laser show pictures and videos show the capability of HB-Laser as a project company and as a show laser light manufacturer.

Lutz Bartl, CEO of HB-Laser: “It was a huge step for us to relaunch the website, but it perfectly matches our 25th anniversary this year. We are now able to show our customers what we can do by presenting what we have done already in the past. Our project business is growing and the synergetic effects in the Laserworld Group are starting to pay off.”

The new HB-Laser website can be found here: http://www.hb-laser.com

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