Riedel supports Green Week Exhibition in Berlin

Riedel Communications recently provided a full communications infrastructure for International Green Week (IGW), held in Berlin from Jan 15th to Jan 24th, proving the efficiency of its radio solutions in applications beyond live large-scale sports and entertainment events. Riedel, working with systems integrator Gegenbauer, providing the the host for the event, Messe Berlin, with private business radio, as well as a complement of mobile radios and headsets for organisation, security, logistics, program production, and traffic management.

Riedel Mobile Radios International Green Week Exhibition in Berlin

“We have relied on Riedel equipment to enable communications during a variety of events here in Berlin, so we knew the company’s solutions could be scaled up and deployed successfully for IGW, one of the largest exhibitions to take place in Berlin this year,” said Alantine Christopillai, logistics and vehicle manager at Gegenbauer Sicherheitsdienste GmbH. “Just as we anticipated, the Riedel radio solution provided the performance, flexibility, and reliability necessary to support a complex event of this size.” 

The IGW is a one-of-a-kind international exhibition for the food, agricultural, and horticultural industries. Producers from all over the world come to IGW to test-market food and luxury items and reinforce their brand images. This year, the event featured more than 300 forums, seminars, conferences, and committee meetings.

In total the communications solution included 360 mobile radios — 200 already owned by Messe Berlin and another 160 rented for the event — and 70 headsets, as well as the PBR, which was used primarily to support translation for the 50 participants who guided customers through the IGW exhibition halls. 

“Effective communications are vital to many aspects of event management, and our flexible and scalable radio solutions offer an optimal solution for major international exhibitions such as IGW,” said Stephan Tecklenburg, radio and intercom specialist at Riedel Communications. “We were pleased to be able to offer Messe Berlin both the rental store and technical support to help ensure a smoothly run event for IGW.”

Info: www.riedel.net

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