SGM launches new intelligent rail lights

SGM has just introduces it’s R-2 LED rail light series, with the intention of revolutionised rail lights as we know them today.

The new lighting concept gives the user full control and offers a unique and personal experience, whether installed in a museum, a trade exhibition, conference hall, club venue, retail or any other suitable application. This is because the complete lighting set-up can be controlled over distance via wireless DMX from LumenRadio. Whether dimming the lighting to change the mood, altering colour settings or adjusting the lighting according to the season, actions can be carried out manually, instantly and remotely via an automatically programmed schedule, providing endless possibilities to create dynamic and vibrant environments.

The R-2 is extremely intelligent in terms of adapting to a specific environment. As people stop by a sensor connected to the system, it is possible to activate a preset light sequence that will attract attention to a specific highlighted area. Interaction is via a displayed QR code, which when scanned with a smart phone, will allow the user to gain control with predefined areas.

R2 Rail Lighting SGM

Via the built-in system intelligence, operations around the globe can be programmed with the same light settings that can be changed globally from the brand headquarters. This ensures a coherent corporate identity.

The track adapter system makes it easy to retrofit the entire setup in most commonly used tracks on the market today. This can be done in a few easy steps, as it is unnecessary to pull new cables etc.

Weighing only 1 kg/2.2 lbs, R-2 offers impressive light outputs:

  • R-2 RGBW – 1,700 lumens and an efficacy of 48 lm/W
  • R-2 W 3000K – 3,000 lumens and an efficacy of 110 lm/W
  • R-2 W 4000K – 3,900 lumens and an efficacy of 125 lm/W

These fixtures are available in both black and white housing options, to blend seamlessly into the existing installation. In addition, the R-2 comes in different beam angles depending on type and configuration, to fulfill the requirements for most applications.

With the application software developed by SGM, the C-5 Wireless DMX Controller, it is now possible to set up different modes to fit the specific needs during different seasons, special events, day and night hours, or the entire year in an easy way. All of this can be pre-scheduled and run automatically.

Day mode:

Here your operation can be lit to your exact specifications. You can even set your light accordingly to the nature of the items on display. For instance, for shop environments, a warm light for shoes and leather goods and a cold and crisp light for silver and jewelry.

Eco mode:
Being LED-based, the R-2 is extremely eco-friendly and economic in terms of energy consumption. Taking it a step further, it is possible for the user to key in an energy budget for the day and the system will adjust accordingly. The system can even be set to ‘look’ at the lighting level emanating from natural light and adjust the artificial light accordingly, thus driving down the power budget.

Night mode:
This is how the retail operation will function after closing. Through different sensors and displays, the lighting can be adjusted to attract the attention of passers-by.

Next in line will be the D-2 down light from SGM. Carrying many of the same features, and with the same intelligent control, the D-2 will come in both square and round shapes, and is intended to be recessed into flat surfaces.



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