SGM lights up Finnish Ski Championships

For this year’s three-day Finnish Cross-Country Ski Championship in Jämi, the organizers were looking for a special starting gate for the sprint day providing a nice visual appearance for the TV transmission.

Opo’s Sound delivered a truss gate and used SGM LED luminaires for perfect winter illumination during the dark hours. Thus, four SixPack blinders and two P-5 wash lights were placed at the starting gate, while additional P-5s were used to illuminate Audi’s Promotion Arc.

Selected for their powerful output; the SixPack containing six 40W RGBA LEDs and the P-5 with its 44 high power 10W RGBW LEDs, the SGM luminaires also provided that one special feature required for this outdoor winter event: an IP rating of 65.

More than 3,000 daily visitors could enjoy the excitement of the ski race in the beautiful cold Finnish winter further brightened in the early twilight by the SGM lights for the ideal atmosphere. During the event, the SGM fixtures were exposed to around 0 degrees Celsius in the daytime, dropping to -5 degrees Celsius at nights.

Distributor of SGM light in Finland from Noretron Communications Ltd., Timo Kunnas, witnessed the skiing activities and was pleased with the light set. “This truly put the SGM LED fixtures to the ultimate IP testing, and yet again they passed with flying colours,” he confirmed.


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