SGM Wash Lights light the way for Singapore Run

Illumi Run is the first event of its kind in Asia. Taking place in Singapore, participants are splashed with Illumi glow water as they set out on their race route, passing through different colourful glowing zones before ending up at the finish line. An after-party dance area then features a massive assembly of DJs.

For the recently held second consecutive run, event production house Showmakers Pte. Ltd. supplied P-5 wash lights from SGM, adding brightness and intensity to the party zone. Technical director from Showmakers, Louis Wong informs, “These lightweight, versatile and waterproof luminaires make working in the outdoors a breeze.”

The P-5 wash lights were placed all around the main stage in the crowded dance area, which accommodated 18,000 people over the two nights, and Louis Wong reported positive feedback from an exhilarating outdoor party experience.

With its 44 RGBW 10W LEDs, the P-5 offers a powerful output of 23,500 lumens in a small physical footprint. With its robust IP65-rated chassis, the P-5 will have a major impact on Showmakers’ future projects. “We anticipate many requests for the P-5 at outdoor fashion shows and concerts,” he predicts. “Most of our events are in open air, so the P-5 is a very suitable product for all our applications.”


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