RTS launches first OMNEO-based keypanels at ISE

Coinciding with its 40th anniversary, RTS is proud to introduce the first keypanel series with OMNEO on board at ISE 2015. The KP-Series keypanels set a new milestone within the RTS product range, combining HD color displays, improved single key operation and full compatibility with all existing RTS matrices in a modern design. KP-Series keypanels are suitable for a wide range of intercom product customers such as broadcast production studios, theater and sport venues, houses of worship, and outside broadcast (OB) vans.

The new KP-Series family from RTS includes three members:
• KP-5032 – two-rack unit keypanel with 32 operation keys
• KP-4016 – one-rack unit keypanel with 16 operation keys
• EKP-4016 – one-rack unit extension panel with 16 operation keys

Key Features:
•Backwards compatible with existing RTS analog matrices and forward compatible with future-proof OMNEO open IP architecture using Dante transmission protocol, RTS KP-Series provides a future-proof investment.

•OMNEO technology on board. The KP-Series from RTS is the first keypanel series with OMNEO technology developed by Bosch on board. OMNEO is based on two key technologies – the media transmission component Dante from Audinate Pty, Australia and the system-control component OCA (Open Control Architecture). By utilizing open public standards, OMNEO provides highest interoperability, flexibility, reliability, resilience, and future-proof technology. OMNEO enables a secure set up at competitively low system cost due to the use of standard IT components and lower installation as well as maintenance costs.

•Each keypanel features a full-color HD display offering superior color, contrast, resolution, and viewing angle. The keypanels are capable of displaying Latin, Cyrillic, and simplified Chinese characters.

•Intuitive single hand operation by ergonomically designed four-way levers providing talk/listen and volume. The KP-Series of panels now offer as standard a full range of external connections for GP-I/O and ancillary audio functions, which were previously optional.

•Superior sound quality with design assistance provided by the EV speaker engineering R&D group.

The RTS KP-Series range will be available worldwide in Spring 2015.

Info: www.rtsintercoms.com

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